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DOC Wines

PRETTO Bolgheri DOC Rosso
PILADE Bolgheri DOC Vermentino

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IGT Tuscany Wines

PRETTO IGT Tuscany Vermentino
PRETTO IGT Tuscany Rosè
IL CALLARE IGT Tuscany Merlot

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azieda agricola la cerretella a bolgheri

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The production, made up of nearly 1050 olive plants located on 2,3 hectares of land, is obtained by respecting the technical working traditions of Tuscany.

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The Farm

The farm is owned by Michela with her parents Pilade and Franca who gave her a precious support. They make wines with a lot of passion using their own grapes since 2002.

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How are products of La Cerretella

A small movie to tell you a bit ‘of us, during the harvest.

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