Production and sale Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castagneto Carducci
olio extravergine di oliva toscano di castagneto carducci

The extra virgin olive oil, Poggio at Lippini, is from century old grapes of the Grattamacco hills at Castagneto Carducci in Tuscany.

The production, made up of nearly 1050 olive plants located on 2,3 hectares of land, is obtained by respecting the technical working traditions of Tuscany.

The olives, typical tuscan origin (variety Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino Maurino), are gathered manually, selected with care and immediately pressed, in order to give the product a fruity and robust flavor.

The extravirgin olive oil, Poggio at Lippini, has a very low degree of acidity, thanks to the sensory characteristics and to the presence of Vitamin “E”, important for its beneficial antioxidant effects, not only enhances the characteristics of any food but is a key element in our diet.

The olive oil is sold through distributors in Italy and outside of Italy, but it is also available for sale at the farm.